Set Up Call

The initial call will be asking a few questions in order for us to get an understanding of all the work you are looking to have done. Some common questions: 

  • When was the last time your home/cottage was painted?

  • What are all the areas you are wanting done?

  • Have you hired a painting contractor before?

  • Do you have timing in mind for the job to be done?

For Contractor

  • What on your project needs to be painted?

  • At what stage is your project at?

  • Do you need any trim/doors/material spray finished offsite?

The Estimate/Site Meeting

During the estimate and site meeting it is always best to have all decisions makers present. We will schedule a time that works for everyone in order to make this process go the smoothest. Here is how the meeting will go:

  • Initial walk around in order to understand your needs for the job

  • Gathering of all information I need in order to make the best proposal

  • Second walk around for me to measure, add up, and write up a detailed proposal

  • Last step is presenting the proposal for review and decision making.